For the Love of Snow

prostitution pornI don’t prostitute my body all the time but when I do it is because I am low on my favorite drug. Coke helps bring the real freaky slut whore out of me. When I feel the powder shooting up my nose running down the back of my throat like warm cum from a hard cock, I feel like I am that freaky ass whore who can handle being gang banged by 5 meaty thick black cocks. I have a special room I go to when I need to sell my body for my special snow. I put an ad out online letting the new and old know it is time to make me their slutty cum-whore. I lay in the bed all day waiting for the men to enter and do what they want with me. I have no rules, they can fuck whatever hole they please. If they want me to lick their ass, swallow their farts, give me a golden shower, I am down for all of that. Hell, one older man paid me a months’ worth of snow just to fuck me non-stop in my asshole for 5 hours straight. I am proud to be a druggy prostitute slut. I love that I am honest with myself. I rather be a druggy little whore, it’s a lot better than being a fake ass bitch.

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