Fill Me With Cum And Plug Me Up

Cum filled cuntEver just have cum sit inside you before? No I don’t mean like in your balls so probably not. I just discovered I love having my ass filled up with cum, not just one load but a bunch at once. One after another trying to keep as much in it at once and then plug it right up with a butt plug. At first it felt weird but having a bunch of warm, gooey cum in my ass sloshing around became exciting. I got to walk around constantly feeling it while I talked to my neighbors, went to the store and interacted with strangers with none of them knowing I had several loads of cum in my ass only being held in by a cute metal butt plug I was wearing. Oh and then when I took it out of me, it gushed out at first and then became a little trickle of cum sliding down my thigh. Even the smell of cum stored in my ass for hours smells dirty but arousing. I want to be filled and plugged again. Let’s do it!

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