Fights and sex

blonde fucking

I’m a bitch that loves my drugs money and sex. If you want to have a good time lets hit some bumps together, drink together whatever. My tits are played with every night at the club. But yesterday was a little different.
 I got into a fight with this bitch we have been friends for about a year she was all coked up but so was I and she told me that she was going to come back to my place and fuck me and my friend Derek. We have been talking about having a three sum for a while.
So when the perfect time came around to fuck and have a three cum she ditches. So I was mad and started swinging on her because you don’t tell me that your going to do something then not do it. I’ll fuck you up .
So my girl Bev pulled me off of her my damn tits were smacking her in the face while she was trying to pull me off this girl. Finally, I went home with Derek still and Bev I just took all my clothes off and they followed the night was finally better. I got to be the cock sucking whore that I am and got to eat some good pussy.

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