Extremely “Classy” Party

Extreme phone sex


If you like extreme phone sex, then let me tell you about this “classy” orgy my girls and I got paid to attend.  A bunch of drug dealers pooled their money together and through a high society style shindig packed full of the most low life fuckwits you’ll ever come across and all of the whores that were only there for their drugs and money.  Me and my bitches were after both, as always.

Between the lot of them, there was every kind of crazy party favor you could ever want and it was everywhere, as free flowing as the beer spitting out of the multitude of kegs.  We got everything we wanted and then some.  My girls were fucking guys everywhere, which made the unpaid whore girlfriends those dumbasses just had to bring get jealous.  What a stupid oversight, I can’t believe that those dealers didn’t think about the massive chemical/emotional reaction their chicks would have upon seeing them bang a bunch of prostitutes.  Fucking idiots!

I was blowing lines off of the bar and getting butt banged by a bunch of gang bangers when this super sassy latina came up flapping her extra dark lip liner lined lips at me, telling me that I need to gather up all of my hot whores and leave.  With her man’s dick drilling out my asshole, I told her we’d leave when our time was up.  She didn’t like that response and pulled her coke slinging slug of a boyfriend out of me and grabbed me by my hair.  It was fucking on!

I spun around and dropped her with a left cross to the jaw, really rang her bell.  Her dude apparently didn’t like that at all and his lunky ass started choking me, so I reached down and grabbed him by the base of his balls and yanked toward the floor.  No, I didn’t rip them off, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I tore something inside of his sack.  I gave my chicks the hooker roundup whistle and we all jetted out of there before shit really hit the fan, snatching up all of the pills and powder we could on the way out.  Nights like those are the reason all sex services are on a prepay basis only!


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