EX-Boyfriend’s Slutty Toilet


Golden shower sex stories

My ex-boyfriend was a big freak who would use me in any way he wanted. This time he used me as his fuck toy toilet. He fucked my mouth deep as usual and played with my pussy getting it wet and dripping, he pounded my pussy so good he made my cunt squirt. He even played with my asshole before he fucked it. He then pulled it out my ass and made me clean it with my tongue and mouth. He pushed his big black cock deeper in my throat making me gag over and over. He called me a filthy skank until he started filling my mouth up with his cum until my mouth was over flowing, I swallowed every drop and then he held my face and told me to open up again and when I did, he started pissing all over my face and mouth drowning me with his hot smelly piss making me drink it up. He called me his good slutty toilet and said we would be doing that more often. 

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