Ending the year a cum dumpster

Cum dumpsterI will always be a cum dumpster. My sister invited me for the holidays to her house with her new husband. I was eager to spend time with them because I wanted to bone the hell out of Scott. Scott was a hot Aussie fucker who was packing down under. 😉 I was intrigued from the moment I laid my eyes on him. It was going to be an easy task because my sister is so not me. She maybe cute as a button but I am a slutty sex pot with an incredible rack and I’m never afraid to get my sloppy wet cunt off and used.

It was going to be easy as pie. I knew he was into snowboarding and decided it was best if he spent some one on one time showing me the ropes. My sister stayed back for a spa day. I was going to get pleasure my way as well. I was flirty but subtle. Once I felt the urge I came on strong and within minutes I had him plowing me in the snow in pure daylight. His cock felt even better than I had ever imagined.  No regrets on this and I am surely ending the year right.

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