Drunken Delight

Drunk girl fucking


I know what you think when you see a drunk girl fucking passed out in front of you with her slutty legs spread open and her skirt hiked up.  Somebody ought to teach a sauced up slut like that a lesson she will never remember.  A good hard cock in every hole should do the trick and that drunk bitch won’t even know the difference.  She doesn’t move a muscle as you slowly run both of your hands up her shirt and into her little undies at the same time or when you paint that drop of precum from the tip of your cock onto her lipstick smeared lips.  You like to see how many fingers shoved deep inside of her it takes to get a reaction out of the unconscious cunt before you bang her limp body into the carpet.  A whole fist in her twat and a few fingers in her ass ought to do it.  A perfect little rag doll to finger and fuck and fill with cum then leave passed out on the floor for the next horny creeps who come along to use.



    • Ted on January 21, 2022 at 1:51 pm
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    Fucking hot babe

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