drugs rule everything around me (dream)

druggy phone sexDrugs rule everything around me. It is my dream to be a strung-out slut till the day I die. I’m always so ready to suck cock for my next hit. A nice bump of coke, and watch my twat tweak out asking for any dick around. My drug dealer knows I’m also a druggy phone sex slut. Sometimes his clients call me up to do a session and tell me how hot I work in the sex industry. I used to be a stripper, but I got so drugged up that I could barely stand straight. Lucky for me, when I do calls here on the fornication station, you know what kind of girl you are calling up when you dial me. I’m free not to make sense and be on a high the only way you can get my attention is if you start talking party life with me. I do love to roleplay, don’t get me wrong, I can do any roleplay you want but know that I am snorting lines in the background. I love listening to music while I’m high and vibrating with my clients. All the money I make as a phone whore goes to paying for my drugs, and I love that shit. I’m still a college student, but I pay my professors with blowjobs even if I pass the material. As much as a fuck I am, Im pretty good at holding conversations and hiding my twisted druggy life if need be.



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