Druggy Sex With A Movie Star

Druggy phone sex

It’s Tuesday night, Club Boomerang’s ladies nite, time to get slutty. I think I’ll wear my black mini dress with my thigh-high boots. I want all eyes on me. I’ll call Becky, when the two of us get together you better watch out!! The last time we partied, we ended up in a movie star’s home passed out.
 It all happened about 3 months ago. Becky called to let me know she’d scored us invites to a movies star’s house party. I won’t name names but he’s a pretty big deal. She told me to dress like a classy slut and she’d be over in a hour. I put on a red Versace party dress and Louboutin red-bottom heels, I dressed to fit in with the movie stars. Becky walked into my bedroom dressed to the 9’s. The party was jumping when we passed through security. All eyes were on Becky and I as we walked into the main party room. I looked around the room and saw people I’d seen on the tv and movie screen, and heard on the radio. I was officially star-struck. Becky spotted the host of the party and dragged me by the hand towards the host of the party. She introduced me to him, and asked him if he had any party favors. He laughed as he grabbed our hands, and walked us towards the master bedroom.  There was a private sitting area in his bedroom with a coffee table in the center. On that coffee table was a huge pile of cocaine. “There you go girls have at it!”, he told us. Becky and I dropped to our knees in front of the coffee table to do some coke. We looked at each other and grinned because we both wanted the same thing…Mr. Movie Star’s cock. We stood up and pounced on the sexy man, throwing him back onto his bed. We stripped off our clothes, then we took off all of his clothes. We playfully argued over who he should fuck first, and I won. I slid my pussy down onto his hard cock and Becky sat on his face facing me. We kissed each other as we grinded against his body. His hard cock felt so good inside my wet pussy, and the coke had me on cloud 9. I started to bounce up and down making his dick slide in and out of my pussy. Damn, Mr. Movie Star had good dick. Looking at Becky’s face I could tell he had good tongue; her eyes were rolling back and she was moaning like crazy. “Let’s switch!”, I cried out. We switched places and he attacked my pussy with his tongue. OMG! He really could eat pussy! I hunched his face like a mad woman, my orgasm shook my soul. “Lift up ladies, I want to cum on your faces!”, he told us. He shot up to his knees and we put are faces in the line of fire. He shot a thick stream of cum all over our faces. Mr. Movie Star tasted two thumbs up. Damn, another wild night.

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