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I like to keep my pussy soaking wet with a hearty combination of cum, my own juices, and the high of my druggy self. But, let’s be honest, buying a constant supply of weed, or coke, or shit even pills is expensive as fuck. My pussy gets worn, and I fuck as much as I can, but I had to think of something smart so I could live this sort of a lifestyle.

Well, considering I’ve got eight brats at home, something sinister slipped into my head. Why can’t I just use those young, tight bodies to get a little cash!? Brilliant! I rushed home from the truck stop to go get them dressed right. I’d bring about half tonight, and switch them on and off. Well, I never expected them to be as popular as they were.

It was only half an hour before all four of my young sluts were off in their own truck cab getting their unspoiled bits played with. I was rolling in the cash, and took the time to celebrate with a fat line off the cock of my favorite John. Work smarter, not harder. This was by far the High light of my life.

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