Drug Dealer Dick

Druggy phone sexMy obsession with drug dealer dick is at an all time high, haha I seriously cannot contain myself! Obviously I need to fuck like the dirty whore that I am to get all of my drugs, i’m accustomed to some filthy big druggy cock to get exactly what I want! I invited my dealer’s sexy ass over, he fucks me so damn good! Of course I want him to come and spend the day with me so we can get high and fucked up and get nasty with each other! He fucks lots of other whores as well but my cunt is the fucking best, of course I am his favorite! We can’t get enough of each other, which is perfect for me because that means endless free drugs! My hot squirting pussy getting soaked from his throbbing dealer dick, my mouth is fucking watering! My legs spread open wide as I smoke, blowing rings around his cock as he slaps me in the face with it, leaving a red dick print across my cheeks! I might just fuck around and beg his ass to move in with me, now that would be ideal! Can you just imagine it! A slutty whore pussy and a drug dealer dick living under the same fucking roof, haha wow! It would be a daily fuck fest and we would be super fucked up all day long! I feel like such the filthy slut that I am when i’m able to let him use all of my fuck holes for his pleasure!

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