Double the Party Sluts

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I have always gotten so wet for women, but ultimately they could never make me orgasm. I need a huge cock in my life, and that is why josie is my dream girl/guy. We met at a party of course, and she was the only one there with coke. We became instant besties, and the party was boring af. Like how is someone going to have a party with no coke. Me and Josie were bored, so I told her if she shared her 8 ball I would get us a hotel room for the night. Once we got to the hotel, we were snorting coke off each others tits and ass. When we ran out of powder we were all over each other. I didn’t even know she had a big beautiful cock, until I reached my hand up her skirt to finger her. I was pleasantly surprise with a huge hard cock. I got a tight grip on her huge cock, and jacked her. She got so fucking hard for me that I was dripping wet for her. We fucked in just about every position, but my favorite was when she shoved her cock in my little ass. She is the type of person to party with. I don’t think any man could handle me and Josie at the same time.

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