Dominated By a Bitch

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Hey daddy, it’s you cum dumpster Cindy! I had a very wild night. There is a chick I went to high school with that has hated me since I kissed her boyfriend freshman year. She set me up with her current boyfriend. She trapped me. He was tall, dark, and handsome, who wouldn’t fall for that. I wanted him to cum all over me, but he insisted we go back to his place. When I got there, there were 8 other men. And her. She was wearing thigh high leather heels and had a whip in her hand. With a wave of her hand she commanded one of them to gag me with his dick. At the same time one of the other 7 began to fuck her and she was so sexy. He was so deep inside of her pretty pussy. He was moaning for her and I was so jealous because I was being slapped and dick gagged. She watched with a grin on her face. I could hear the man getting ready to climax, but just as he was, he nearly tripped trying to get to me so quickly. He let out an intense moan and his body writhed as his frothy cum blew out all over my head and down my face. There was so much cum and he just moaned and moaned. She did this with every man there. She would fuck them and have them use me solely to dispose of their cum. Cum was all over my hair, in my eyes and mouth and dripping down my titties. Then, when I thought it was over, because I was no longer gagging and deep throating a dick, she came over and tilted my head back to make me eat her pussy. “worship this pussy you ugly bitch!” she said. And all I could do was moan and cry. Her pussy tasted so good and felt so wet and she was fucking my face so well. “You aren’t shit compared to my sweet wet pussy.” Then she gave me room to breathe and demanded I say it back. I said “I’m not shit compared you your sweet wet pussy. I worship your pussy, master. Please give me more. Drown me in your cum.” And she squatted back down making me lick her ass and pussy. “Don’t ever try to overstep me again. I’m marking my territory.” She asked for one of the guys to film as she peed all over my face. She asked me to moan and beg for it, and it was all on camera. “Everyone is gonna see what a cum guzzling slut you are and how I can just use you as a toilet!” She laughed. She made me leave the house covered in cum and piss and when I went home I had so many messages from people who had heard what happened. I want to have another wild night with you. Let’s have live phone sex and I’ll guzzle your cum too.

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