Coke Head

Druggy pornI’ve searched all of my stash spots and I can’t find any drugs. I need to get high but I don’t have any money. Can you help me out? If you get me high, I’ll be so good to you. I’m an expert at dick sucking. You’ll love being in my mouth. I can tie a knot in a cherry stem so you know I can please you with my tongue. Look at my tits, aren’t they delicious? But your hard cock between them and let’s titty fuck. I’ll let you put your dick anywhere you want it. Bend me over and put it in my ass. You can be rough if that’s what turns you on, fuck me like you hate me. Give me a line of coke and watch me turn into a sex machine. Cocaine is my drug of choice and it turns me into a sex fiend. Give me what I need and I’ll make your sexual fantasies come true.

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