Deanna All Tied UP

phone sex lineI work at a strip club right next to a truck stop. We normally just get your average blue collar worker here. Lately, there has been this very preppy man coming in here and he has been pulling out the hundred dollar bills. I have even blown him a couple of times when he paid for a VIP room. I had thought of him as a pushover. So when he told me he would give me $500.00 if I would come back to his house after my shift. I was like hell yeah. So I finished up my shift and off to his house we went. He lives in one of those really nice neighborhoods. So I felt really relaxed about everything. Once we were in his house he had me take off my clothes while he fixed me a drink. He must have slipped me something because within seconds I felt sleepy. He said you look tired let’s go downstairs. Once we were downstairs he pushed me on a dirty mattress. Then he started tying me up with some rope. He tied my tits so tight that I thought they were going to explode. That was when things changed and I started to wonder what the hell I had gotten myself into.

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