Deanna Teased Tortured and Ass Fucked

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When you picked me up at the strip club and took me back your house I had no idea just how kinky you were. You tied me with a rope to a bench and then you started teasing my nipples. You had me screaming when you applied the nipple clamps. Then you started rubbing on my pussy. Just when I would start to feel like an orgasm was near you would stop and slap my ass or pull on the nipple clamps. You said I want you to know how it feels since you like to tease all of us men when we are at the strip club. My pussy was so hot, wet, and throbbing. I was begging for your big thick cock. You rubbed it all over my soaking wet pussy. You put just the head of your hard cock in my pussy and as I am waiting in anticipation you pulled out. You then rammed that big thick cock into my tight little ass. You fucked my ass so hard before pulling out to explode shooting that hot wet jucicy cum all over my back and ass.

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