Dealer’s pissed off

cum dumpster

I gotta go get another baggy for my “daddy.” This is going to hurt, last time he had me go when he still owed Jim money, I got the fuck beat out of me twice, once by Jim, once by Gary, my pimp. But fuck it, I will just get it over with.

I put on my sluttiest outfit and go talk to Jim. He’s fucking pissed, he starts screaming at me about how much of a dumb fucking cum dumpster cunt I am, and shoving me around.

But, before he swings, he stops and stares at me for a moment. With out a word, he whips out his big dirty dick, and I know what I’m supposed to do to survive this. I drop to my knees, bloodying my knees and start sucking his dick hard and fast.

He grabbed my head and started skull fucking the shit out of me, holding his nasty, foul cock so hard into my throat I can’t fucking breathe. When he finally pulled out he came all over my face, right into my eyes, making them burn. He gave me a shove and I fell overt, dizzy. He pissed all over me, and tossed a dimer of coke into my lap.

“Next time you show up with no fucking cash bitch, you’ll have your ass so fucking gaped you won’t be able to sell it for a cigarette, if I let you live.”


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