Don’t get caught!

Hardcore anal sex

My cock is hard and dripping precum watching him sleep. I wonder if he will know… will he feel it in the morning? Is his ass going to be sore from me fucking him while he is passed out? I’ve been teasing his asshole for an hour. First I started rubbing his bare ass.. He knows how bad his ass turns me on. I need my cock buried deep in his ass right now. I feel like I am losing my mind I need his ass so fucking bad. When the rubbing didn’t wake him up I slid my finger between his cheeks and started sliding my finger up and down his ass crack. He didn’t even flinch. He was snoring like a freight train. I spread his ass cheeks open and started licking and sucking on his asshole. He farted in my mouth as he slept and it made my cock drool. Tasting his ass made drove me crazy! I grabbed the coconut oil on the night stand and started oiling my cock. I could bust right now, I am so fucking hard! I am struggling to hold my load.. Just licking his ass and tasting him made drove me to the edge… I want to fuck his ass so hard…. I wonder if he will catch me.. 

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