Dark Meat On The Menu

BBC Phone Sex

We had a special menu today at the truck stop. We were serving all dark meat. All the dark meat you can eat. I found myself surrounded by 5 or 6 different big black cocks. Stuffing my face full with that thick delicious meat. The girth on these anacondas will stretch you open and you will know you are being fucked with something. They feel AH-MAZING! I know why they say “once you go black you never go back”. These cocks can fill a cunt like no other cock. It’s hard to follow that. I could feel every inch of their fuck rods from one side of my pussy wall to the other. It was better yet challenging myself to suck these monsters down my throat. You could feel their heart beat throbbing in their cocks that is how fucking enormous they are. I love wrapping my lips around these thick pieces of meat and milking them until they busted their nuts all over my face and in my mouth. Wrapping my little pale hand around their pulsating chocolately shafts and stroking them off. Going back and fourth with my hand and my mouth. Bringing them to a nutty eruption When their cocks explode it’s like a fountain of cum. Nice steady stream of gooey white jizz nailing me right in my face. I’d open wide making sure to fill me up swallowing them down by the mouthful.

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