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Anal Cum Dumpster Bobbie

He gave me five minutes to make them all cum, daddy knows he trained my cunt to fuck any cock real fucking good. In fact daddy had all his friends run a train on my when I was barely legal- and let me tell you it was a ride that ended quicker than I wanted. Having one thick dick stuffing my mouth while daddy’s filled my tight pure cunt, kissing me he guided his best friend nice and slow into my tight little ass. “shh it’ll only hurt a minute, then I promise-its all pleasure Bobbie” he whispered into my ear while he kissed me and rubbed our juices toward my filthy hole. His dick stretched me out as I came on daddy’s dick and gagged on his friends cock. Once he was all the way in my ass I could feel both their cocks stroking against another deep inside me-slipping so fast while I had cum fill my throat. I swallowed and couldn’t stop moaning so loud his friend began to smack me in the face with his cock. Daddy held me down since I could barely control myself from Cumming all their cocks, squirming pushing them out; “fuck Bobbie you’re so tight we’re both gonna cum in you, hold fuckin still” daddy said. They fucked me so hard, cocks gliding in and out my ass through my pussy so fast you can hear their balls slapping my cunt between my cries of pleasure and pain. Having all that hot cum spray and squirt inside me was so fucking satisfying. They pulled out and I could feel how sticky I was while I laid there- it all dripped out of me. Daddy and his friends definitely broke me in first- now I can’t go a single night or day craving for a throbbing hard cock inside me.

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    • Tory on May 29, 2022 at 10:18 am
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    Bobbie, you slurp some serious cock!

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