Cunt Ownership

Toilet Sex HadleyThat morning I was supposed to head to his flat to give him his cut of the weeks profits. He really fucking pissed me off most days because he was supposed to be supplying me with clients and candy. He could fucking care less if his whores had their fix or not, and most of the guys he set me up with were broke mother fuckers. I have no idea how he expects me to get anywhere with that shit. I decided that it was time to take back ownership of my cunt. Not easy though… my drunken husband was no help either. This month I had to find my own shit so fuck him if he thinks he gets any part of my stash.

I was heading over to the card room to find some blow when he jumped out of no where and threw me in the car. Grabbing my hair he slapped me a few times across the face. Yelling at me he told me I would regret not doing what a good whore was supposed to. We drove to the hotel and he dragged me up the stairs. Waiting for me inside were a few dudes and they were happy to find the party girl was here. Pushed down on my knees and clothes ripped off, they all started to beat my tits, and piss all over me. I was a toilet slut tonight! Once I had their cocks stuffed into my pussy and asshole, he went through my pockets. He was even more angry when he found cocaine instead of cash. Grabbing me by the ankles he dragged me across the floor and said he was gonna use me tonight to make up for my lack of funds.Sexline Hadley

That is when he walked in. Almost seven feet tall, you would think he should have been black.. but he wasn’t. It was one of the guys from the card room and he had over heard me complaining about my pimp who does nothing and expects everything. He was so doped up that he was half crazy all the time, and got more and more violent. Card room Joe asked my pimp how much for his whore. He was told $1500 a night. Joe said that he wanted to buy me for good, but my pimp just laughed. “You can’t afford my prices!”. Joe pulled out a few stacks of bills and said name her price. They disappeared and left me for a few hours to continue to be pumped with cock and coke. I felt so humiliated being bartered but humiliation makes me fucking hot, so I just enjoyed the sexual abuse I endured and begged for more. Eventually Card Room Joe gathered me up and shook my now “old pimps” hand. Just like that cunt ownership was passed. I asked him how much did he pay for me.. and he just said not to worry. “Crazy pimps are easy to manipulate, and now that you’re mine you will make a fine card room cock sucker! I guess I hit the jackpot that night!Pissing Sex Hadley

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