Cunny For Coke

cum dumpster

I was my papas’ sweet cum dumpster before I graduated Middle school. I was the junior slut giving out little bumps of coke to my whorelett friends back then. Yep, I would go to school with daddy and my big bro’s cum inside me. I didn’t mind it made me special. The male teachers seemed to smell the sex on me and practically drooled on my neck when assisting me with my school work. Female teachers either hated me or loved me. I seemed to be everyone’s favorite cum dump teen twat before I become the hot pole dancer whore I am today. Shit, I even remember watching the Brat Social services caseworker hand daddy $400 to take me home for the night. And that Social worker was the kinkiest mother fucker I had had yet. And to this day if I need a coke fix I can bring that same kinky Social services worker a tight young cunny for the night and get a nice coke payment. And I will even suck his big cock for free if I get to play with the angel-faced cunny too! I mean every Momma in the Trailer park wonders when she will hit the Hadley selling cunny jackpot. Shit for A gram $100 and a pack of Menthol Lights I can take just about any of the female brats I want for a night, no questions asked.

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