cum quest

anal sex whoreI have been such a drug fueled fiend. I have done it all been the anal sex whore on campus to giving blow jobs left and right in exchange for blow. Angel dust is my motive and getting high and fucked is all I want. Looks can be deceiving. I may look put together and so beautiful but in reality I am raging for cock and cum and coke. My latest fiasco involved me giving footjobs for cash. I was stroking cocks barefoot and covering my feet with jizz just so I could do a couple lines of H and coke. I thought I hit rock bottom but you never know what that is till you are stroking a fat middle aged mans cock with you feet in broad day light. I don’t know what life has in store but I will do whatever it takes to fulfill my desires like the nasty cum dump I truly am. I know I will always be a drug and cock craving prostitute. I will garner that white trench coat and still be a trashy street walker deep inside.

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