Cum Freak

Cum guzzling slutShaking my ass for cash is so profitable. When I shake my ass cheeks like there is an earthquake, men rain cash at my body. I leave the club with a couple of thousands every night. But money isn’t the reason why I dance. I’m a cum dumpster and I dance for semen. I love the taste of cum. Cum is full of protein, it’s good for your body. I love how cum feels on my face. Look how clear my complexion is, cum is great for my skin. When I’m dancing I look out into the crowd and my panties get so wet, because I know their dick are hard and full of cum. I wish I could lay on the floor and have the crowd surround me and cover me in semen. But I can take two or three men to the champagne room. I’ll have a hard dick in each hand, stroking them while the third dick is in my mouth. I’ll rotate my body, giving each dick quality time with my mouth. I want their dick to explode and cover me in their loads. I’m a cum freak.

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