Cum Dumpster Sybil

cum dumpster sybil

I would consider myself a very generous person, and once you get to know me I think you would agree. I tend to enjoy fucking other generous people, because we obviously have a lot in common. I will explain. What kind of sex is it that you see everywhere…that basically is summed up by one person getting everything they want, do you see where I am going? I do not think that that should be how it is, I think that there should be a minimal of 3 people involved and everyone should cum A LOT…and everyone should cum on each other over and over as much as they have in them they should cum! Why waste cum?! Does that not sound very generous to you? How perfect would it be to have 2 people fucking while 2 more sat there jacking off and came on the other 2 while they were fucking? CUM EVERYWHERE!!! We could even make it a game with all this yummy cum to go around! First to completely cum and cover my face wins and gets to fuck the me and that start the new round. I mean cum is such a magical thing that I think it should be shared with everyone and that is what bukkake sex is all about, I would title it the best gift giving sex ever. Think about how fucking sexy it is, you have a group of people drenched in the warmth of others cum, all different tastes and textures, feeling the slickness from body to body, maybe even take turns… for lack of better words, a cum dumpster. I want  everyone standing around me cumming all over me, mouth wide open. I love being the cum bucket.  The cum slut. Getting covered in cum, watching it drip down my nipples and soak my hair. I’ll take turns licking it off and try and guess who’s is who’s.

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