Cum Dumpster Star Memphis

cum dumpsterIt’s amazing what you can do in a snow storm at a truck stop! We were traveling when the freeway got fucking shut down. Well, what does a good cum dumpster do but find some fucking dick to pass the time? It didn’t take long to find a lonely trucker with a big, nasty, hungry cock just aching for a tight snatch to stick it in. He took me to the sleeper of his truck and showed me his Peterbuilt. The first thing he did was slap my face, making me hit the floor hard enough to bloody my knees. I love a guy willing to take charge, and my horny cunt was already running droplets down my thighs. He slipped his dirty, sweaty cock between my lush, full lips and skull fucked the shit out of me. Of course, I swallowed that cock like a fucking pro!

Wanna hear what else he made me do? Hehe!

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