Cum Dumpster In Hollywood

cum dumpster

Life here in Hollywood being a cum dumpster has been so good for me. It’s like no matter where I turn, there are dicks and drugs. What more could a girl ask for? Sure, when I first moved here, I wanted to be on TV, but things changed. Sure, if I got a role and could be on TV, that would be awesome. But what I really love is being a whore for JC and all of the men I sell my pussy to. Being a whore truly is my calling. I’ve been doing it since I was old enough to fuck.

Take yesterday, for example. JC told me that we were going to a party and I knew what that meant. When we go to parties, it’s almost always because I’m going to be the party entertainment. He likes to take me in there and let the men do whatever they want to do to me. Of course, I can’t say no and it’s not like I ever would anyway. Yesterday’s party was epic and I’d love to tell you about it. My pussy doesn’t always get sore after a party, but today, I can barely sit. Do you want to hear about it? Just call me and I’ll relive it with you.

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