Cum Dumpster Holiday

cum dumpsterThe life of a cum dumpster is never dull. Down here in Florida it is like 50 degrees. That is cold for this state, but nothing is too cold for me. There were not as many people out and about, but I know where to look when I want to get laid. The truck stops are not busy in the day, but the glory holes are. I know where every glory hole in town is too. A good cum dump knows these things. Hell, I have been so hard up for cum, I have gone to a gay glory hole and drained some homosexuals of their jizz. For the most part, no one cares who is sucking that dick on the other side of the wall. I went to this glory hole in an adult bookstore in the seedy part of town. I wish they would put one on the beach strip, but I guess its bad for family tourism. This bookstore was popping on a holiday. All men. So, when I walked in all eyes were on me. I let them all see my take my skanky ass to the back where the glory holes are. I hoped they would follow me.  They did. I got in position and cocks galore were fighting to get in my mouth. Finally, I just knocked on the wall and told them to come on over. I can be a better cum guzzling slut with a wall in the way. I had younger guys, older guys, black guys and white guys. Even a few brown dicks wanted to get blown by me. I was in that glory hole room for over three hours. My belly was so full of cum I thought I might need my stomach pumped. Just joking.  Stomach pumps are for amateurs not a trailer park whore like me.

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