Cum dumpster Hadley to Cool for Skool

Cum dumpsterI never was good at following rules or paying attention in school. I was good at trouble and I caused trouble wherever I went. But what did they expect with the “Hadley! Button up your top.” or “Hadly! Quit making your skirt so short.” so today I just had it. Mr. Bergers was trying to teach government and everyone knows how boring government is and I just couldn’t take it anymore. I put my feet right up on that desk and started to finger myself right there in class. I knew when Mr. Bergers noticed me because his voice faltered and I heard all the other classmates turn towards me. I opened my eyes and smiled invitingly at the other students and the teacher. Good thing about being the troublemaker is I get put in special classes where I’m the only girl. I think no one knew what to do with themselves until I pull my fingers out of my pussy. Dripping with my juiced and sucked it off of my fingers. “I’m horny boys… Who’s first?” and to my surprise Mr. Bergers had me pulled out of the desk and bent over it before I could really understand what was happening. His cock sliding into my pussy with him groaning “Oh fuck” above me as another boy slid his cock into my mouth. I soon found my hands full of cock too and I was in slutty cum dumpster heaven I was! This, this is the kind of education I could really get behind. I wanted to milk everyone of them of all their cum and do it all over again. So as Mr. Bergers pulled out my cunt after leaving a creamy load deep inside of it with a defeated “Fuck…” I knew I changed class forever.

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