Cum Dumpster for My Son and His Friends

cum dumpsterI love being a cum dumpster for my son and his friends. It was early this morning when they arrived at my trailer. They were drunk and horny. I was passed out on the couch. I had been talking dirty and drinking beer. I was doing coke too. I was on a party call, so it went late, and I just passed out on the couch. I startled awake when I heard a noise, but my son was already mounting my pussy. I was a little late to wake up. It was my son’s deep pussy strokes that woke me up. I still had sleep in my eyes when he deposited his first load of cum inside my cunt. He knows he can fuck me whenever. I do not have to be awake to take care of my boy. I prefer to be awake, but it is not required.  I did a shot of Jack, kissed my son good morning then told his friends to join the fun. I am game to fuck just about anyone with a stiff pecker. My son and his friends closed down their favorite dive bar, but there were no hot babes to bang, and their cocks were twitching for some pussy. My son knows where to get his rocks off. My pussy is always open for business. His three friends were equally pleased that they got to bang a trashy milf. They did not even need to buy me a drink to pry open my legs. I see a hot stud and my legs fall open. I need young cock. I live by the three C’s. Cock, coke and cum. If I have all three, I feel blessed. I drained all 4 boys many times until we all passed out. I woke up with dried cum all over my body. That is how I know it was a great morning.

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