Cum Dumpster For Hire

Cum Dumpster

I will be your cum dumpster delight tonight. All the best whores cum out at night to play. You have me on my knees begging for one more line of that coke you keep snorting. You line your massive cock with a line and have me snort it up my nose.  I am flying high again sucking your man meat deep in my throat until I choke and throw up a little bit in my mouth. You say swallow it bitch. That you have three clients that have thicker meaner meat poles that will make yours look like a lollipop. Soon after the door opens and I am thrown on the ground and my naked body is inspected and I see these massive sausages dangling in my face. I am so high as I am being yelled at to suck and stroke these men to rock hardness. My whore instincts kick in as A baggy of snow is dangled in front of my face. I am gulping and stroking as they find the way to my fuckhole and ass hole and begin the game of tearing my body to pieces with man meat that needs this gangbang whore to serve. Soon I am filled and covered with so much cum that It’s in my eyes in every hole and I take pride in knowing they paid for my time and got me fucked up.


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