Cum Dumpster for Frat Boys on Spring Break

cum dumpsterSpring break has hit Florida and I am ready to be a cum dumpster. I was born to be coated head to toe with man seed, boy seed too. I put on a bikini and hit the beach this weekend. A cougar in a bikini too small for her big tits will always be a hit with the spring breakers. I had the attention of every frat boy on the beach.  I crashed a party at an air b and b on the beach Saturday night. I am still recovering, LOL. This party was a bunch of frat boys with a keg. They are from the University of Alabama. They did not mind my presence. I think they were happy that a trashy milf wanted to join their kegger. Once the sun went down, they started a bonfire on the beach. We were drinking beer and dancing. I did not know any of the music they were playing, but that did not stop me from bumping and grinding with the boys. Drunk boys like to grope things like big boobs. Soon my bikini top was in the sand. That was followed by my shorts left in the sand too. I had no panties on. I never wear panties. I never went to college, but I felt like a coed gone wild getting gangbanged in the sand next to a bonfire. The cool air was not felt on my naked body because the fire and the cocks were warming me up. I did not count all the frat boys in line to fuck this trailer trash whore, but there were over 20 guys for sure. Some got back in line because they wanted a different hole. I could barely walk afterwards. I was high as a kite, but my 57-year-old body could feel the effects of being on all fours for hours in the sand letting frat boys ram their dicks inside of me. But I loved every moment of it, and I went back Sunday for more.

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