Cum Dumpster Family

cum dumpster

I am a cum dumpster.  So are my daughters. I have raised my girls to be cum whores like their momma. I was guzzling jizz when I was in diapers. I don’t even remember the first cum I had because I was that young. Guys ask me all the time how to get their daughters accustomed to cum. It is easy. Jack off into their bottles first. When they super young, they will guzzle it in their milk. The added protein will help the girls grow big and strong too. You can even jack off on mommy’s boobs so that the young girl just suckles the jizz off mommy’s breasts while feeding. When your daughter gets a little older, like walking age, you put your cock right in her mouth. She will hold your dick like it is a bottle and suck it until it is empty. My husband did this with our girls when they were little. They have grown up to be cum guzzlers like me. I love sharing cum with my sweet cum whores too. Last night, I was entertaining some special friends of daddy. They wanted the slut wife experience. That means I just take on all their cocks at once. There were 6 men and just me. That meant there was a lot of cum to swallow. I am a cum guzzling slut, but I didn’t want to be selfish with all that jizz. I spit the cum into a pitcher to save it for later. Once my special friends were gone, I chugged some cum and summoned my daughters in for some snowball fun with mommy. My husband and my boys watched as I spit jizz into the girls’ mouths. Thick ropes of cum dripped into each girl’s mouth. I felt like a momma bird feeding her babies the worm. Daddy and my boys were so hard that they contributed their cum too.

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