Cum Dumpster Cougar

cum dumpster

I love being used as a cum dumpster. I could drink cum all day. I swear I go through withdrawal when I don’t get a good daily dose. The other day the weather was nasty. A tropical storm breezed through causing some flooding. My trailer park was safe, however, we could go nowhere before the main road into town was washed away. I decided to throw a flood party. Really, it was just a cum party for me. Thirty guys showed up with hard cocks and beer. A couple had some stronger party favors if you know what I mean. I did some little white lines then demanded to see some cock. Good thing I am a big dick sucker, because some boys had massive cocks. One guy said he was just happy to see a dirty old whore. I was happy to see cum filled balls. I swallowed a few loads, but what I really wanted was to be doused in cum. I sat in a chair and asked for a circle jerk. They swarmed me like hungry wolves. I played with my pussy and tits while I took a cum bath. I got hit with load after load all over my body. I rubbed it in my skin as more loads hit me.  I think cum is my favorite drink and lotion.  While my city was flooding around me, I was getting flooded with cum.  

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