Fuck Me Hard

Druggy Porn

When I suck that glass dick, it makes me feel like I can fly. Crack has a way of making pain hurt less and pleasure feel better. I exhaled after taking a big hit- so spun I didn’t even remember how I got there or where I really even was. What I did know is that I was naked and that this man I was with was getting me as high as possible. Everyone knows that a cracked out whore is way kinkier than a sober one!

He ate me out while I smoked, and when he hit the pipe, I was down on my knees, gagging on his juicy cock. Pushing me to the bed, he lifted up my legs, raising my hips off the bed, and went balls deep in my sloppy, wet cunt. I moaned as he hit the deepest points inside me. He drilled me with no mercy, using all of his might. Yelping with each thrust, I clawed at his back, pulling him deeper into my hole.

My titties bounced as I had a squirting orgasm all over the motel bed. Feeling accomplished, he turned me onto all fours, pulled my hair, and jammed his fuckstick into my ass. The pain of my asshole being stretched turned into pleasure. He grunted as he neared his own release, so I got down to my knees and let him blow his load all over my face and open mouth. I licked him clean and smiled as he passed me the crack pipe again.

Sloppy Wet Pussy

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