Cum Dumpster Christmas

cum dumpsterAll I wanted for Christmas was to be a cum dumpster. I got my present from Santa and his naughty elves. My son and daughter both brought a few friends over and Big D my black trucker buddy was in town stranded because of a truck malfunction, so I invited him over too. I wanted as many men in my trailer, so they could give me a white Christmas in Florida. My favorite white is cum. A close second is cocaine, and both were in supply on Christmas. Big D had enough coke for us all to party. He never seems to be without it. He isn’t really a dealer. He is more of a party trucker who likes to share with a trashy milf like me. Christmas morning my daughter and I did lines of blow then got fucked in every position. She is a black cock whore too. Big D loves sharing mother and daughter pussy. I bet you would too. My son blow banged our mouths as Big D rammed his cock back and forth from my pussy to her pussy. My son came on my face as Big D came up her cunt. My daughter and I snowballed my son’s cum while the other guys fucked us. It was crazy hot sex all day. Who needs presents when you have coke and cum?

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