Cum Dumpster BJ is on The Prowl

This filthy fucking cum dumpster is on the prowl tonight for lots of cum loads. I’m horny and fucking high as HELL! You know what is the BEST thing to do when you get this kind of buzz on? Well, Fuck of course! And THAT is exactly what my mood calls for a lot of fucking filthy fun. Maybe it will be the night of clubbing and bar hopping or maybe it will be the night of strip club and jack shack prowling!

Cum Dumpster

I love collecting cum in my ass and cunt and will take a turkey baster and suck the goo from my fuck holes and save it up for a nasty fun time with the right cum eating little bitch. I will fill the enema bag with the goo and warm water and will fill my ass with the concoction and then have you fuck me deep while I’m full of the liquid. As you plunge in there will be no choice than to let the mess explode… all over that fuck rod… or I can sit my ass on your face and let it all flow!

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