Cum Dumpster Beverly

cum dumpsterCum dumpster Beverly is what most men call me. There is a lot of truth in that name too. I am a dirty old cum whore. The summer months find me with as much cum as I can handle. Trust me. I can handle more cum than Debbie and the entire city of Dallas. I guess I am dating myself with that porn reference, LOL. I am an old bitch. Older than I look because cum keeps me youthful. I enjoy milking cocks dry. I can spend the entire day at the pool in my trailer park draining cocks. Young and old, I do not discriminate. Younger cum is more sweet tasting and less in volume, but it is yummy. Older cum is chock full of protein and usually flows out a dick like a cascading river. That is because I am an expert at head. This big dick sucker flaunts her skills too. I do not think there is a dick in the trailer park I have not sucked. Yesterday, I was at my pool over 10 hours. I think every male in the park plus their friends paid me a visit. Now, I do swallow. But yesterday I was saving just as much as I was guzzling. Why? Because it is hurricane season in Florida. Any given day, I might not be able to leave my trailer, or I may have to hole up in a hotel more inland somewhere. I need cum in the freezer. I am a cum addict. I can go a day without a lot of things like pot, beer, coke and even food. But I cannot go a day without cum. I plan well during our bad seasons. My freezer was replenished with lots of sperm to last me the summer. Cum cubes, cumsiscles and cum in baggies to thaw and guzzle. I bet I am the biggest cum guzzling slut you will ever meet.

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