Cum Dumpster at the Truck Stop

cum dumpsterI love being a cum dumpster. I had a two-day bender this weekend. I am a coke head, but I out did myself this weekend. I was up almost 48 hours doing lines and chugging cock at the truck stop. I went Friday night to meet big D. We were going to fuck and party for a couple hours but it turned into a couple days because all these other truckers wanted to party with me. Once they knew there was an old whore doing lines off cocks, everyone wanted part of the fun. Big D left, but there were other truckers there who wanted to party with a trailer trash whore. I was gang banged by truckers all weekend long. Old truckers. Young truckers. Black truckers. White truckers. Even some Hispanic dudes who came in from the gas station wanted to fuck me. I am a whore, but I do not charge for my pussy. It was up for grabs to anyone who wanted it. My ass too. The coke kept me from saying no. The coke kept me from realizing how much cock and cum my fuck holes took. I was a hot mess. I came home this morning and I needed to shower. I smelled like a porn star. I needed a shower, but I like that 2-day old stank smell. I am such a dirty old whore.

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