Cum Dumpster at the Doctor

Cum dumpsterA girl’s gotta have her checkups done regularly. I went in for mine, and there was a new nurse on board. She was sexy as hell, and I couldn’t wait to get her alone in the room. I made my move as soon as I had the door closed behind me, and she got into it immediately. That’s precisely how my doctor found us, naked and rubbing our bodies together. He knows me very well, and very intimately, so you know he wasn’t the least bit surprised. And, I wasn’t the least bit surprised when he started stripping down, too. He laid his lab coat on the floor so we wouldn’t have to mess up the bed, and lay down on it. She and I were on him in an instant, licking and sucking his dick, and playing with his sack. He pulled her up on his face, and started to eat her cunt. I took the opportunity to sit straight down on his dick, and started bouncing. I didn’t expect him to start drilling up into me while he was still occupied with her puss, but he did. He banged me hard and fast and deep, keeping his mouth busy on her cunt the entire time. He drove us both to such amazing orgasms that another nurse peeked in to see if everything was ok. She left pretty quickly, and we carried on with our fun for another 15 minutes or so before he had to get back to work.

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