Cum dumpster

cum dumpster

  1. I was at a truck stop trying to hitch a ride, to another part of the country when I came across a trucker. I walked over to him wearing my really short skirt revealing my ass cheeks and a tube top that left little to the imagination, sice my boobs were poping out of my top.

The trucker looked at me and smiled since he knew right away I was the type of girl that would do anything for a ride. He pulled me into the truck and began touching my body all over with his huge meaty hands. I asked him politely if I could have a ride to Texas and he agreed to it with one stipulation of course.

I would have to fill up a three liter coke bottle with cum. I gladly accepted the challenge since I figured that I was a great cum slut as it was. I shoved the blottle up my pussy and began touching my clit letting the precum collect at the bottom of the bottle.

The longer I touched my pussy the more the bottle began to fill up. The trucker pulled me to the front seat of the truck. Once I reached the front seat of the truck he handed me a viberator and I began to massage my pussy lips. I used the coke bottle as a dildo and the viberator as a way to stimulate my clit to see if more cum could come out.

The bottle maybe filled up another eight ounces but I still had a long way to go since three liters is a lot of liquid. The trucker getting impatient since he wanted my cum decided to take matters into his own hands.

He grabbed me by the hair and forced my head down his cock making me swallow his giant cock. My head began to bob up and down his huge cock as it slid down my throat. I Felt all the blood rushing to his cock as it grew by the minute.

I began sucking it harder and harder until I felt some of his cum coming out. I quickly grabbed the bottle and sucked all of his cum out of his cock and then spit it back into the bottle. The trucker was so excited since I was actualy filling his bottle up with cum.

He took me the back of the truck again and decided to fuck all of my wet holes. He penetrated my ass hole first making it slippery and wet with his cum as he filled up my shit hole. Once he was postive my ass hole was filled up all the way, he grabbed the three liter bottle and allowed all of his juicy cum to leak into the bottle.

By this time we maybe had less then an ounce left of cum , to fill the entire bottle. I sucked his cock again making sure it got harder each time I shoved it to the back of my throat. I bent over and begged him to fuck my wet sloppy cunt from the back until I squirt.

The trucker grabbed me by the hips and began ramming his cock hard and fast into the back of pussy. I could feel his huge mushroom head stretching me out more and more each time he fucked my pussy hole. Until finally I felt My cunt gushing cum all over the place like a sprinkler.

I grabbed the bottle and handed it to him and lucky for me I came so much I overfilled the bottle. I kept my part of the bargin and lucky for me the trucker did as well since he agreed that a deal is a deal. While we were riding to Texas I asked the trucker what he planned to do with the bottle.

He just smiled at me and said ” You dont wanna know”, with a crazy smile.


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