Cum Dumpster

cum dumpster

So the other day I threw away some of my old underwear in the dumpster outside my place. They were so full of cum, there was no way I could wash them to make them perfectly clean again. As I was walking by the dumpster today, headed to my place- I noticed a man by the dumpster smelling what appeared to be my underwear! I can not believe it, I went over to him to approach him. He asked me if they were mine, and before I could get out of my mouth that he was a dirty man and that they were mine. He threw my ass up against the dumpster and pulled up my skirt. He started sniffing my ass and pussy.

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 I was of course wet and moist and that made him go even more wild. He knew immediately that those panties were mine by the smell of my pussy lips. He ripped off my thong and put it in his pocket. He unbuckled his pant and slammed his cock inside of my pussy and stretched out my arms in front of me. There was no way for me to move since he had me tightly pinned up on the dumpster. He was going to make me is little cum dumpster whore. I thought my other panties had a lot of cum in them. I can not begin to imagine how long I will have this guys big cum load leaking out of my pussy fuck hole.

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