Cum dumpster

cum dumpsterHey Im Hazel, I love being a Librarian people think im such an innocent girl. They only see the bookworm version of me. They’ll never see my the worse version of me. No one has a clue about me wearing clothes that makes me look like a dirty Whore. They have no clue about my nipple piercings or my clit ring. They don’t even know my tongue is pierced. They would never know that I sneak off on my breaks to guzzle cum. Yes You guessed it Im a full on cum dumpster. No one can ever tell how High I am all the time they all assume im just a small town girl. You know the girl next door type.In reality im a dirty fucking slut that loves cum. I want to be used and abused by your cock. I crave your cum all over me and down my throat. can i be your little Slut? I want you to fuck my throat until we both cum!creampie phone sex

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