Cum dispenser

cum dumpster

I started to date this guy that I met at work. He was charming, and I thought he liked me for me but as you can tell I have quite the reputation at work and outside of work. People talk in this town that I live in is quite small. I should have known that the word got out to him and everyone made it clear that I’m a cum dumpster. It bothered, me a bit but then again it’s not a lie. I’m a total cum dumpster. Why lie and why pretend to be something I’m not. I love to do some angel dust, and I love to be filled. What’s so wrong with that? I love a good time, so when he wanted to bring his buddies over and have a complete orgy with me, I was down. I was ready I wanted it I wanted all those cocks at once, and I wanted to be stuffed one by one with each one of those dicks. I love feeling each cock fuck and thrust into me like a sick little whore. I know what I deserve, and I deserve loads of jizz. I love to taste it. I also like the  anxiety I get from whether I’m going to miss my visitor or not.


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