Craigslist Posts Get Me In Trouble

extreme phone sex


I love posting on craigslist that my door is unlocked and my ass is up and it’s always a fucking awesome time but today things went a little south for me. It’s normally just a rotating door of fun for me getting my rocks off and being able to fuck as many different cocks as I want but as one could assume, some guys came over and they tried to push me to my limits of how much cock I could take. I was scared but only for a second. As soon as I realized I could out fuck them it was on! They had those dicks coming at me from all sides and angles but I just kept showing them exactly who was the boss in this apartment. I sucked and fucked my way through each of them- making them cum until they one by one gave up and left. I hope they figured out that I’m not the whore to fuck with because I’ll be putting my free-or-all fuck fest posts up forever and no one is going to scare or intimidate me out of my good time.

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