Crack Whores Together

Druggy phone sexDave and Tom came over earlier today. My friend Martha was over. We were already smoking some crack and fooling around on the couch. So that the little ones and any body walking in could see us. Martha has such a sweet tasting cunt. Martha and I were in the middle of my fucking her with a strap-on. When Dave and Tom walked in. When they saw us fucking on the couch the did not even hesitate to come over with their cocks out. Stroking their nice cocks. Martha and I was delighted to see them and their cocks getting hard for our holes. I pulled the strap-on out of her soaking wet cunt and we both got on our knees. Martha and I knew that the rest of the day was gonna be a good one for us. Today was such a turn on for both Martha and I. She wanted me to tell you all about the fun day we had. But for now Martha and I are ready for round two. Come join us if you want baby. The more cocks the merrier.

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