Crack and Anal

crack whore anal

I would like to introduce myself to you. You don’t even need to know my name. All you need to know is that I’m a dirty crack whore anal slut. That’s right – I need my drugs so bad and I’ll do anything to get them. I’ll let you stick your cock anywhere you want. If you just let me get fucking stoned before you fuck me, you won’t get any lip from me. You can just have me all splayed out and you can use me in any way you want to. You can stuff your dick in any of my holes, but I know you just want to use my ass and stretch it out.

Do you want to invite some of your friends over and just have an anal gang bang? They can just slide those fat cocks into my gaping asshole one right after another. I’ll be tripping out so hard that I probably won’t even notice what you are doing to me. I’ll wake up sore, but I won’t have any idea what happened to me. Maybe you can show me the video. I know you’ll want video to document what a whore I am. So, call me. I’ll be bent over and waiting for you.


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