Crack Addicted Sister

druggy porn

Last night I had the most perverted call.  It totally had my pussy soaked and dripping.  My caller, we’ll call him Caller M, wanted me to be his hot crack addicted sister.  I swear just listening to Caller M describe the scenario really got my juices flowing.  I could feel my need for a fix kick in.  I knew I would do anything to get it.
Yeah, I knew Caller M was my brother.  It didn’t matter.  I could use him to get what I wanted.  No not what I wanted, what I needed.  I’d noticed him checking me out but I never said anything.  I knew it would be easy to get what I wanted if I played my cards right.
Little did I know Caller M planned to turn me into his own personal stripper.  The more I shook my big juicy ass, the harder his dick became.  Before the night was over I was desperate cocksucking whore. I rode his big white hairy dick until my pussy was sore.  I became his personal ebony slut.
He gave me the money and I got my party on.  But now whenever he wants to abuse his sister’s pussy he just tempts me with a hit.  I do any nasty degrading thing he demands.

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