Corn Fed Black Stallion

Extreme phone sex


His dick is in my face as I write these lines he’s a tall slender sexy Black stallion his cock is amazing because it’s to good it has a hook and nice big balls. I was once in deep love with him it used to make me weak to see his lips and my pussy would drip when I looked in his eyes. Now he’s telling me to suck his cock like I used to, but I don’t love him like I used to because I suck and slobber on his cock rod and he fucks me like a street thug then he throws me to the side and speaks to me as if I were the common whore he hates so much. I am going to fuck him anyway because my self-thought is so low, and he at least is going to spend time blasting my pussy. I need it now I can’t wait for that good dick even he treats me like trash, I swear I just don’t give a fuck as long as he strokes my wet pussy like he does.

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