Coked Out And Passed Around

gangbang whore

I am coked out and this gangbang whore is getting passed around. First My dealer called me up to see if I would be interested and spending the night with one of his suppliers. Only spending the night was a fuck fest of black cocks getting shoved into every hole I have. I am just a blonde white girl fuck toy to these men. Line after line and hole filled with cum after cum load. God, I love being Used! I’m a high fuck whore my pussy is filled up so much. Then my brother with his splendid fuck rod said if I didn’t get to the club I would lose my job. So here I am after like six sets and fucking three guys in the parking lot for some cash. This professional whore as I have been called has a cum filled pussy and is awake for at least a whole day more. SO hey who wants to cum, and cum with me oozing cum out of my twat and ass. Shit, There is cum dried in my hair, oh well.  Where did I put my new dildo? 

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